Blendz Disposable Vapes 3-Pack Bundle


Each bundle includes:

  • 1 Grape Ape (indica)
  • 1 Super Lemon Haze (sativa)
  • 1 Strawnana (hybrid)


With over 100 cannabinoids in this amazing plant, we’re always coming up with new mixes and blends!

Our latest creation: Blendz Disposable Vapes.

This custom blend from Herban Bud features highly euphoric Delta-11 (11-hydroxy-THC). With the addition of gentle HHC and 10% THCp (the real star of this show fr), this blend is powerful and potent. Users report a fast onset of effects, with a strong euphoric lift and a floaty body feeling.

Blendz Disposable Vapes are Farm Bill compliant and federally legal. And with 2g of oil in each vape, there’s plenty of juice here to keep you floating!

What’s Inside

Blendz Disposable Vapes are made exclusively with premium oils and cannabinoids.

Our Blendz Disposable Vapes include:

Delta 11 (11-hydroxy-THC)
This cannabinoid is naturally created by the body as it breaks down Delta 9 THC. This version has already started that process, so the effect onset is speedy. Users may experience feelings of dreamy euphoria and a floaty body high.

11-hydroxy-THC is not the same as Delta-11 THC. Delta-11 THC is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid within the hemp plant. 11-hydroxy-THC, on the other hand, is created in the body when Delta-9 THC is consumed. Our oil lets you bypass the conversion stage for faster onset and stronger results!

11-hydroxy-THC is more effective than Delta-11 THC, similar in strength to Delta-9 THC. The result is highly euphoric. In fact, some people report a stronger euphoria from 11-hydroxy-THC than any other cannabinoid!

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol)
This hemp-derived cannabinoid creates a similar body high to Delta-9 THC, but at a slightly lower potency (roughly 80% the strength of Delta-9).

THCp (tetrahydrocannabiphorol)
A natural cannabinoid that bonds well with the user’s cannabinoid receptors, creating a euphoric high potentially 33x stronger than Delta-9 THC. This vape is 10% THCp for potent physical relief and relaxation.

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