Delta-9 Cinnamon Roll Caramels


Indulge in the rich flavors of our Delta 9 Cinnamon Roll Gummies. A perfect blend of sweet cinnamon and creamy caramel, elevated with premium Delta-9 THC. Award-winning, vegan, and gluten-free, these gummies promise a delightful taste journey and a euphoric experience. Dive into the essence of freshly baked cinnamon rolls with a twist that only we can offer.

This isn’t just a flavor, it’s an experience.

Imagine the comforting taste of a freshly baked cinnamon roll, complete with that sticky, sweet, caramel ooze.

Now, we’ve gone and added something extra to really get the party started: a smooth infusion of ultra high-quality Delta-9 THC.

Take a bite and let your taste buds take a joy ride. First, you hit the gentle spice of cinnamon, then the creamy sweetness of caramel…and finally? Oh, that’s the THC talking.

🍬 300mg per pouch, 20mg per taffy
🏆 Multiple awards from Errl Cup and Edibles List Magazine
🌱 Vegan, GMO free and gluten free
🍦 Rich and decadent creamy flavors
🚫 No CBD included
🧪 3rd party lab-tested for quality and potency
📜 100% legal containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC

Proudly, we are blowing our own trumpet here, but these ain’t just any caramel rolls. With a pedigree that includes a hat trick of awards, these treats have made some serious waves in the edible universe. Have a look, if you don’t believe us:

  • 2019 Errl Cup Secret Shopper: Best Edibles in Arizona
  • 2020 Errl Cup: Top 20 Edibles
  • 2020 Edibles List Magazine: Best Hybrid THC Edible
  • 2020 Edibles List Magazine: Best Caramel/Toffee
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