High THCa 1g Pre-Roll


There’s happiness inside this tube.

(Actually, there’s a joint packed with premium, high THCa flower. But they’re basically the same thing.)

THCa (or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a naturally occuring cannabinoid. This special variant was selectively bred to maximize the THCa content and minimize Delta-9 THC (in order to still be legal in Texas).

When you light up this hefty joint, all that THCa will convert to Delta-9 THC, creating a buzz for the smoker similar to full-spectrum cannabis. But with under 0.3% of THC in the inert flower, this hemp is Farm Bill compliant and federally LEGAL!

This THCa joint comes in a protective plastic tube so it will be safe in your pocket or purse.

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What’s Inside

Each doob tube includes one pre-rolled joint packed with one gram of high THCa flower.

With its high THCa content, new smokers should use with caution.


Cherry Fritter, Cookies & Cream, Donny Burger, Gelato, Grape Frosty, Ice Cream Cake, Jealousy Mintz, London Jealousy, Northern Lights

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