Sunblaster Micro T5 Grow Light Garden Black W/ Full spectrum (6400K) Grow Light



Grow what you love, love what you grow – all year long. Full spectrum (6400K) grow lights replicate natural sunlight for year-round growing. Perfect for growing salads and herbs or for early season seed starting. Use also to boost flowering house plants
out of season. Features a high efficiency SunBlaster 11-Watt high output light consuming 20% less power than a standard domestic light bulb and giving 10,000 hours (about 1 year 1 and a half months) of use. NanoTech Reflectors reduce heat buildup and maximize performance by reflecting
100% of the light towards the plants. Supplied with 4 reusable tough growing trays for easy succession planting. Includes
raised platform insert and capillary matting allowing plants to self-water for up to 14 days (subject to climate conditions).
1/4 Size complete home garden.

• One SunBlaster T5HO 12″ 11-Watt 6400K Grow Lamp and Ballast
• One SunBlaster 12″ NanoTech T5 Reflector – maximizing performance
• Power Cord with on/off switch
• Garden Canopy – height adjustable to 18″
• Heavy Duty Base – serves as the reservoir for auto watering via the included
wicking mat
• Raised platform – for auto watering via the wicking mat
• Wicking mat for auto watering
• Four Seedling Trays – providing both auto watering capability and aeration in
one great tray
• Footprint 18″ x 8″

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