You May Be Asking Yourself, “Aren’t You Just Another One Of Those Websites”?


Have these other websites actually purchased seeds from one of their recommended seed banks? We have.

Do they know what the color spectrums of an HPS or MH grow light system are and what stages of growth they are used for? How about a CMH lighting system? We do

Do they know the TRUE difference between an Auto flower, feminized, fast flowering or the difference between an Indica, Sativa or a hybrid strain and have they actually grown them? We have.

Do they know what NPK stands for in grow nutrients and what concentrations are needed at the various stages of growth? We do.

Do they know how many plants you should put in a 5 by 5 grow tent and whether you can do a SOG, SCROG or use Trellis netting. We do.

Do they know the different types of grow media and grow options such as hydroponics, coco coir, soil or Deep-water culture? We do.

How about LED lighting? What is full spectrum, a Samsung LM301h diode or the proper distance to put the light above your canopy at the correct wattage? We know.

Bottom line is;
Any question that a grower may have……WE HAVE THE ANSWER, including Genetics. Having been underground growers for over 15 years we have learned many valuable lessons, much through trial and error but always with the same goal in mind; how do you get the; HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT AND BEST YIELD WITH MINIMAL RESOURCES?

It starts with Quality Genetics.

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