Gorilla Cookies Fast Feminized Seeds


Average Yield: 425 – 450 gr/m2
THC Levels 26% to 28%
Seed To Harvest 10 Weeks
Grow Difficulty: Easy

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Breeder – Amsterdam Seed Bank

The flavor is incredibly intense, sweet and fruity, grapes and berries being prominent. THC production is very high around 26% to 28%
making Gorilla Cookies Fast an immensely powerful, potent strain.

Gorilla Cookies Fast Feminized is a fast-flowering 3-way indica-sativa F1 hybrid strain. It contains plant genetics from 2 of the strongest US strains – Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies and then with a secret hybrid strain. This strain produces some good yields as well as very high levels of THC. Gorilla Cookies Fast Feminized grows into a medium height plant which does not need high levels of nutrients. Indoors it will finish Seed to Harvest in 10 Weeks providing
between 425 – 450 gr/m2 of dried buds. Outdoors up to 700 gr/plant can be obtained with harvest in the northern hemisphere in early October. Mold resistance is good
which is an advantage to outdoor growers in more humid regions.

Seed To Harvest 10 Weeks
THC Levels 26% to 28%

Breeder – Amsterdam Seed Bank

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