Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds


“Her effects are energizing, fast-paced, heart racing and even sweat inducing. Be warned, as she is extremely potent and can leave you in a world of your own, with her 24% THC, so best recommend for those with a high tolerance.”

Average Yield: 500 – 600 g/m2 in SOG

THC 25 to 27%
Flowering Period: 9 – 11 weeks
Grow Difficulty: Hard

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This strain is a cross between Skunk#1 x Northern Lights x Haze.


A Hybrid strain consists of both indica and sativa traits bred specifically to carry the best features of the parents. THC 25 to 27%


These seeds are guaranteed to grow into Female plants, all plants end up producing potent buds.


This strain can be grown both Indoor and Outdoor, it is generally more resistant to external factors.


The plant grows Tall of height compared to other strains, great when your grow space is not a limiting factor.


This strain has a yield of 500 – 600 g/m2 in SOG on average, a high yielder when  compared to other strains.

Flowering Period

This plant flowers between 9 – 11 weeks after the vegetative stage.

Grow Difficulty

This strain is more difficult to grow, recommended for experienced growers and requires more care to reach its full potential.

Breeder – Amsterdam Seed Bank

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