What are Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

Fast Flowering strains, also known as Quick Flowering or Early Version strains have been developed by cross breeding Autoflower and Feminized Plants. They are not actually autoflowering but they carry the autoflowering gene. 

They are feminized plants that will be ready for harvest in a short period of time, which allows for more indoor grows that provide higher yields than Autoflowers as well as having THC levels that rival normal Feminized seeds. Fast flowering strains grow faster during both the Vegetative stage and the Flowering stage with some breeders reporting that these strains being ready to flower as soon as 4 to 6 weeks in VEG and ready to harvest in another 4 to 6 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE. Fast Flowering strains are Fast Flowering Strains. They are the F1 Hybrids that are feminized strains cross bred and have an Autoflower gene. These are the NEWEST strains on the market and NOT EVERY SEED BREEDER HAS THEM.

We have SEEN many seed banks advertising FAST FLOWERING STRAINS only to see they are promoting AUTOFLOWER SEEDS (yes autoflowers are fast but they are NOT fast flowering strains).

We have seen other seed sellers promoting “FAST FLOWERING STRAINS” only to see they are only promoting Feminized Seeds that flower “FAST”. These as well ARE NOT FAST FLOWERING STRAINS. ONLY SEEDS THAT HAVE THE F1 HYBRID GENETICS. THOSE STRAINS THAT ARE FEMINIZED CROSS BRED WITH AUTOFLOWERS TRULY ARE FAST FLOWER STRAINS. We have them.

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